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The Program
The Program


"After visiting 3 attorneys,  2 licensed family / marriage counselors, and attending a few Al Anon meetings,  I was at my wits end and didn't know where to turn.   I went on the internet,  consulted Dr. Google and found Retrouvaille.  I spend several hours reading reviews and blogs of others who attended the program.   I took the information to my husband who agreed that we needed to give this a try.     We were the couple who never fought.  We don't like conflict so we just didn't talk. Never. Discussed. Issues.    He got sucked into his Married Singleness Lifestyle,  and I got sucked into mine.   We were not a married couple,  we were living as roommates,  and not even GOOD roommates.

I was dreading the weekend, and will admit that it was physically and emotionally exhausting,  but it was nothing short of a miracle. I honestly thought we would go to the weekend, and that would be the end of it. Most of the real magic occurs in the post sessions, so I cannot stress enough the importance of making these sessions a priority.    If two busy people,  like my husband and I can drive almost 4 hours every weekend,  then anyone can do it ! 

This is a peer based ministry.  Everyone involved has "been there,  done that" and worse.   Their only goal is healing YOUR marriage.   Being that this is peer based,  no one is getting paid.  These are all VOLUNTEERS.    I had a sick feeling during counseling,  that I was viewed as nothing but a paycheck to the counselor and that if she  could keep me coming back,  then she was getting paid.   NOT the case in Retrouvaille.  These volunteers speak from years of experience and have healed countless families and marriages."

October 11, 2017

October 1 - 4, 2020

(Virtual - English)

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Daniel & Laury Craun

Retrouvaille of SoCal/San Diego English Registration Couple

(951) 259-9474

Eric y Ana Rubio

Retrouvaille of SoCal/San Diego Spanish Registration Couple

(619) 423-0182

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