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Why Donate?

If now is not the best time to volunteer your talents, please consider donating financially to help San Diego  Retrouvaille in its mission to give couples struggling in their marriages today hope for their marriages tomorrow.  Retrouvaille of San Diego is a 501c3 so please consider Retrouvaille in your regular tax-deductible charitable giving.

Donate online with PayPal


San Diego Weekend Registration Fee

Registration for the Retrouvaille-San Diego community intensive weekend is done on the International Retrouvaille site. 

Please press the button below to start registration and to pay the $400 registration fee.

The registration fee is per couple, and is non-refundable, as it covers the initial deposit for lodging for the weekend. The registration fee does not cover the full cost of the weekend. We are a self-supporting, non-profit organization, so on the weekend, you will have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to cover your full program expenses, including lodging, meals, and program materials. The registration couple will be able to provide an estimated total cost for the program, as expenses vary based on the number of couples attending. No one is ever denied the chance to heal their marriage due to financial challenges and assistance is available. 

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