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From Pastor Kevin Thompson, in Care of Daniel and Laury Craun....


These are odd times. Today, I preached to an empty room as a few thousand watched online. Schools are closing and we are being encouraged to implement social distancing. 

While these factors will have multiple impacts on our lives, there are always positive aspects of every situation. One possibility of the current crisis is that our marriages could grow stronger.

As couples are forced to be home more over the next month, what if we intentionally focused on our marriage. Here are a few articles about sex which are worth considering. Also, Happily is free on Amazon Prime and Friends, Partners & Lovers is very cheap. Order it and start reading section three. 

Start here: What Men and Women Don't Know About Sex

Then consider: 7 Red Flags of Dying Intimacy

Then read one of these:
     The Greatest Aspect of Sex (or What a Horny Teenager Could Never Know)
     Three Types of Sex Every Married Couple Should Have
     8 Lies We Believe About Sex

While we stay home in order to love our neighbors, make sure you are loving each other as well.

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