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Family of Origin

For Better and for Worse

Managing Conflict – A Trip to the Zoo

Embracing Change

Barriers to Emotional Intimacy

Moving Forward

Fair and Unfair Fighting

Celebrating our Differences

Your Love Language Profile

The Five Love Languages


The A.W.E. factor in Marriage My Gifts

Managing Holiday Stress

Fireworks in Our Marriage

Guidelines for a Happy and Healthy Marriage

Rebuilding Broken Trust

The Ten Commandments of Marriage

Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Getting Through the Tough Times

Reducing holiday stress on our marriage 

The Four Seasons of Marriage

The Fear Factor in Marriage


Romancing Our Marriage

Forgetting vs. Forgiving

Fun, Fun, Fun……Together

Navigating the Challenges of Blended and Extended Families


Before and After Retrouvaille

Will You be My Valentine?

Resolutions for a Healthier and More Fulfilling Marriage

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Marriage

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Marriage 

The Divorce Myth from Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage 

Getting to Know Each Other

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